Top 30 Online MBA Specialization Highest Paying 2023

Top 30 Online Highest Paying MBA specialization
Top 30 Online MBA Highest Paying specialization 2022

Specializations in Management Education are the key factor to route the direction of Career. In Online MBA Studies Aspirants have options to select among 30+ Specializations. Online MBA Specializations in demand may or may not be available in One University. Therefore Some time the University to be selected as per availability of specialization. These are 30+Online MBA Specialization in demand offering most promising Jobs and of higher Salaries. Moreover Freshers prefer General MBA but people with work Experience prefer Specialized MBA. These teachings of these Specializations in Indian University Online is by pragmatic pedagogy. Includes the best practical infusion in Online teachings which creates a difference between online MBA and Distance learning MBA. Distance learning MBA top b-schools in India offers most of all specializations.

If you want to know which are the most popular top Online MBA Specializations in India, here they are:

  1. General
  2. Human Resource Management
  3. Finance
  4. Marketing
  5. Business Analytics
  6. Oil and Gas
  7. Power
  8. International business
  9. Logistics and Supply chain
  10. Aviation Management
  11. Digital Marketing
  12. Real Estate Management
  13. Systems and Operations
  14. Healthcare Management
  15. Information Technology
  16. Finance and Marketing
  17. Human Resource Management and Finance
  18. Marketing and H.R M
  19. Project Management
  20. Banking & Finance
  21. Financial Markets
  22. Business Intelligence & Analytics
  23. Artificial Intelligence & Business Intelligence
  24. International Finance
  25. Finance and Leadership
  26. International Marketing
  27. Digital Entrepreneurship
  28. HR Analytics
  29. Data Science
  30. Construction Management

These Online Highest Paying MBA specializations jobs in India as of 2021 in demand are the fate Deciding factors in Career for an aspirant. Its mostly opted by area of Interest or to boost profile by experience in Same field. Hence these turns to be a game changer and Booster in Increment in Salary. Thus helps develop a strong professional network of the same field in management position. It also help start own business & making yourself an entrepreneur.

Online MBA Specializations
Online MBA Specializations

Different fields of Distance learning MBA specializations in demand in India

Different fields of Distance learning MBA specializations in demand in India deploys in Different Work domains. There are also possibilities for a batch of same Class opting for Varied Specializations join same organisation but gets different Domain jobs versatility. The basic Motive of course to provide specialization in Distance learning MBA Specializations in demand in India is to offer wealth of advantages.

Therefore helps develops better skill in the particular field. These diverse range of MBA programs offering by Top University and Colleges usually offer single specialization courses and Rarely Dual Specialization in Online/ Distance MBA Program. In Regular mode specialization offered in Dual always.

So, what Distance learning MBA specializations in demand can you choose from? What’s the difference between them? And which are the Highest Online MBA Specializations in demand ?

Information Technology Management

  • It imparts skills to Conventional Business Management with focus of IT Systems & Services along with Employees. This includes the Securities, Networking, Analyzing, Data Monitoring.  This also offers great opportunities for people in the field IT & ITES both. Furthermore with time one with dedication and zeal reach upto (CTO)Chief Technology Officer position. Its one of the highest paid field.

Health Care Management

  • One of the most demanded field after world has face pandemic. Its mainly deals with the skill for up-dation, Maintenance and proper functioning of the health care systems. These Systems are mostly in Hospitals, research labs, Manufacturing companies (Medicine/Device) and Insurance Companies.

Systems and Operations Management

  • This Field of Online/Distance learning MBA Specialization in System and Operations helps develop constantly changing technology management and systems concepts. More focusing in better development of Skills as Operations & System Manager. With more as better thinker to lay better solutions for quality and quantity.

Real Estate Management

  • This Distance/Online MBA Specialization in Real estate helps understand the basic concept of the Real Estate market & Development. The program helps gain command in both residential and Commercial market with information of both land and Buildings. Hence get training’s to resolve Real property problems by applying all business management aspects.

Digital Marketing

  • It is an type of Marketing for promoting, Branding, selling a product through Online ( Over Internet). MBA in Digital Marketing will give you in-depth knowledge of the field by practical skills and Design digital strategy for a Business. Hence with better SWOT analysis MBA Students provide better launching, branding strategy at minimal costs.

Aviation Management

  • This specializations helps gain In depth knowledge of not only Aviation Sector (Airport and aeroplane ) by also Logistics, Hospitality industry along with Travel portals. This is one of the Most lucrative Industry in India and World wide. This will help deal in Complex issues and processes in ground handling, cargo, aviation safety & fleet management. Also in fuelling & regulatory management & other allied issues relevant to the aviation industry.

Logistics and Supply chain

  • One of the fastest and most in Demand MBA in Logistics and Supply chain  specialization in Distance learning MBA. It majorly focused on Both Moving, Storing and as well as Transportation. Since Logistic and Supply chain compliment each other so are made to study together. The MBA imparts the blend of management strategies, analytical skills and general business Skills.

International business

  • Distance/Online MBA in International Business Specialization teaches global Management Studies. The Curriculum is designed keeping different Global challenges international Companies face. An MBA in International business imparts skills to look beyond Domestic Markets and Problems. Thus the Course imparts managerial Knowledge to overcome challenges at Different Levels and diverse cultures.

Power Management

  • This MBA specialization focuses on Power Resources covering Generation, Transmission and Distribution. More over the need of MBA in power management is felt in most of all Large manufacturing Units, Electricity Boards, Automobiles, steel Industries. Therefore an MBA enriches the knowledge, attitude, behavior and skills of the participants in Power Sector.

Oil and Gas

  • One of the Stable, Lucrative field of Specialization which deals with Petroleum (Upstream & Gas stream). This Online-MBA Specialization enhances the managerial knowledge along with knowledge of chain value of Hydrocarbons. Hence the aspirants get in depth understanding of pricing, Distribution, Quality and Supply of Crude oil and Natural Gas.

Business Analytics

  • Most in Demand, Highest salary Job offering Distance MBA in Business Analytics Specialization having smart combination of Business and Computer Studies. It helps transform by methodologies & statistical internal data into improved business insights. Therefore is now being used in Every Industry to grow.


  • MBA in Marketing The traditional and Ever green field imparts in-depth Business Understanding with strategies and research, Promotions, Sales & Distribution of a Product. People cherish this field as deals with generation of Revenues.


  • MBA in Finance is always in Great Demand as it offers rewarding Career & opportunities. It deals with Money (Finances) mainly. It Mostly covers analysis, planning, taxation, accounts, investment, Collection and Acquisitions. Therefore the person opting a Career in Finance should have strong command on Mathematics.

Human Resource Management

  • Deals with people mainly. HR This is one such field of MBA that requires a lot of patience to pursue a better career. It imparts an In-depth practical business knowledge along with art of managing the workforce.


  • This is the field of MBA with teaches overall general Management. Hence impart overall knowledge of different verticals of Business like Marketing, Operations, Finance, Human resources, International Business and Information Technology. As a result the the candidates get trained for managing the general operations of an organization.


Why should we select a specialization in MBA ?

In order to get better Jobs options and Opportunities, An Aspirant should specialize in a particular field.

What are the benefits for online MBA Specializations ?

To enhance managerial knowledge and be domain specific for increment in Salaries and get a better profile Job at higher hierarchy of an organization.

Can a person without Mathematics in Graduation opt for Distance Learning MBA in Finance

Yes, Definitely one can pursue Online-MBA in Finance as per the Interest. But the person have to really work hard for getting a better jobs.

Does Business Analytics specialization requires Math’s in Graduation ?

Not as Such, but the Aspirant should have a better command on Computers as its one of the most promising Career Options offering higher salary jobs.

To Switch field from marketing which Online-MBA Specialization is Good to do ?

One can specialize in as per the area of Interest like Business Analytics, Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurship etc.

Which is Online MBA specialization is best paid offering salary jobs in India ?

The best job and highest salary offering Online MBA specialization is Best paid are Marketing, Finance, Business Analytics, International Business, Supply chain & Logistics Management.